Talking about Education

The social media environment has changed in the past 5 years. Blogging used to be more of a thing, but now podcasts and Twitter threads and so on have often served as more effective (or convenient) way to share ideas with a broader audience.

I have had the pleasure to join several podcasts over the past year on a variety of topics. I am sharing them here in reverse chronological order.

Rebuilding after 2020-21 with the Human Restoration Project

Episode description: “In our conversation, Dr. Horn and I discuss how teachers can wrap up the 2020-2021 school year through reflection. How can we build a better system after seeing the inequities, problems, and challenges that this school year has highlighted? And, how do we build a classroom in spite of a system that often demotivates and disenfranchises educators?”

Is It Time to Cancel Teach Like a Champion? on Have You Heard podcast

Episode description: “Teach Like a Champion, the best-selling guide to effective teaching by Doug Lemov, has sold millions of copies. But is it racist? Have You Heard hears from teachers and researchers who argue that Lemov’s approach embodies “carceral” pedagogy. And because we have a thing about education history, we trace the concept all the way back to 1895. Special guests: Ilana Horn, Joe Truss and Layla Treuhaft-Ali.

How to Get Your Students Motivated on Making Math Moments that Matter podcast

Episode description: “In this episode we speak with Ilana Horn – A professor of math education at Vanderbilt University. Ilana’s work is motivated by the underperformance of students in mathematics. Today we talk with Ilana about her book Motivated and what is needed to START to motivate your students. 

Ilana calls her book the prequel to Peg Smith and Mary K. Stein’s book The 5 Practices to Orchestrating Productive Mathematical Discussions, and we can’t agree more. There’s so much that we overlook when planning lessons that will either make or break what you do in the classroom.”


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