Global Math Department Talk

Last night, I had the great honor of chatting up some #MTBoS teachers via the Global Math Department. I was asked to discuss mathematics education research. (You can watch the hour long discussion here.)

Part of what I get from the #MTBoS is the chance to engage with people who are personally and professionally invested in the things I care about. What a gift.


And no one blinked when this guy burst in unexpectedly to say goodnight.
Another reason to love teachers.

I promised folks I would link to some of my work that I mentioned over the course of the talk, so here goes. I am just linking to one of what are usually several papers from the different studies. In some cases, I link you to blog posts or, in the last case, the project website.

If you want to know more citations for any of these, just leave me a comment and I will provide further links. Or you can poke around on my page if you are not comment-inclined.


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